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Windows 10 Eye Control Being Tested by Microsoft

Imagine controlling your computer without touching it! While eye-controlled devices seem right out of science fiction, it is becoming a reality at an increasingly faster pace. With the latest insider preview for Windows 10, eye tracking and controls are now being tested. This Windows 10 eye control feature was mentioned by Microsoft a couple of days ago, and the first look at it is being rolled out straight away.

Windows 10 Eye Control doesn’t actually mean that you could just look at things in your PC screen and things begin to happen. It is a slightly different process. This is possible with the help of an eye tracking device. At the moment the only such compatible device is a hardware manufactured by Tobii. Basically, this allows the users to control certain aspects of their day to day PC usage by looking at relevant spots. This includes typing.

This eye control technology is at a very nascent stage as of now. Expect bigger and better changes to happen in it over the next few years. However we have our suspicion that this technology may die a slow death as not many people might adapt it to it straightaway. Such techniques have been tried in the past too but haven’t really worked out well.

As surprising as this Windows 10 Eye Control technology sounds, what is even more surprising is that Windows has, for the first time in 20 years brought a significant change to the way we know the Windows Console to be. Some colors in the console were designed for PC screens 20 years ago. These high contrast colors tend to be difficult to be read on modern day monitors as they appear too bright against the dark background. However, those who want to see this change would have to re-install the OS completely. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Windows 10.

Article written by Kishan Jobanputra

Based out of Rajkot, Kishan is an avid traveler, and a featured travel writer. He also happens to be a major tech enthusiast, and one can almost call him an Apple evangelist. He loves to recommend the brand to people. He is a journalist by profession. Contact him at