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Windows 7 Not Fit for Businesses, Microsoft Says

Windows 7 has been one of the most popular Operating Systems ever created by Microsoft. The company has been around for quite a long while now, and has helped bring forward various changes to the way the markets of technology function. This OS too, has been massively popular. However, come 2020, and the support shall be ending. The support for the OS will end on the 14th of January, 2020.


For the last three years before the support ends, Microsoft does not release any updates for the OS other than security fixes. For Windows 7, the three year time has started from the 14th of January 2017. In three years, the extended support for the OS too, will end. Microsoft has been encouraging a large number of users of previous Operating Systems to upgrade to Windows 10.

Markus Nitschke, head of Windows at Microsoft Germany, said that Windows 7 “does not meet the requirements of modern systems, nor the security requirements of IT departments.” The company has been pushing for more and more enterprises to upgrade to their latest OS, the Windows 10.

With gen-next processors such as Intel’s Kaby Lake coming out, Windows 10 becomes the default choice for the users. Moreover, Windows 10 has many better and improved features like advanced biometrics, a better built-in defence mechanism, Nitschke also cited the example of companies which continued using Windows XP well past the support ended. There have been many companies which ended up risking their security by continuing to use the older Operating Systems.

Windows 7 is now the oldest supported operating system by Microsoft. Up next are the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices. Windows 10 has been growing month-on-month, and the market share of other Windows based Operating Systems has been shrinking. While this is good news for Microsoft, they need to ensure more and more corporates make the leap from Windows 7 to Windows 10 as corporates are their high-value consumers.

Article written by Sheetal Sancheti

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