Google Search Console to Get Major UI Revamp


Google has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology. The company has been introducing a number of changes and updates to the way things work. The latest update from the company now comes to the Google Search Console tool. This is a tool which has been around for quite a while and is of particular use to webmasters. There are many new additions to the search console, as well as a change in the UI. Let us take a closer look –

The two new tools that Google intends to add to the Google Search Console are those of Index Covering Report and AMP fixing flow. Google states that with these tools coming in, it will make it much easier for the webmasters to maintain the websites. It will be easier to ensure that the indexing of sites and managing of web appearance remains smooth. As per Google, after the revamp, the Google Search Console will ensure “more actionable insights,” better workflow organization, and the “faster feedback loops” between users and Google.

In the past, Google used to just let the webmasters know the issues with their site. However, they are going to give it a much better approach now, as identified problems will now be grouped together so that it becomes easier for webmasters to fix all instances of the problem at once.

This new and improved Google Search console comes with a mechanism which will allow the webmasters to fix problems quickly. Google Search Console will no longer need to crawl a site to detect if a problem has been rectified. Let us now take a quick, brief look at what these new features do:

  • Index Covering Report: Google says that this tool will help the webmasters to get a general information about their indexed pages. Basically it offers a quick insight into how many pages of their website have been indexed by Google, as well as reasons of why some pages have not been indexed. The process of sitemap submission has also been simplified with this new tool in the Google Search Console.
  • AMP Fixing Flow: The second tool introduced by Google shows all the AMP issues a site is facing. These issues are grouped by root-cause. Moreover, this newly introduced tool from Google will also fix verification and help Google to recrawl the site. The new tool helps to simplify the process, as everything now happens at the click of a button. It will also show in-depth information about the problems and which pages are affected, in addition to updating as the pages are validated in real-time.