KB3194496: Download and Install Guide
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KB3194496: Download and Install Guide

KB3194496 is an update for the Windows 10 PC, XBox One and Mobile phone. This is a successive update for the Windows 10 PC version 1607. The previous update left some bugs and this update tries to solve all of them. It is not related to the Operating System part of the Windows but, has an update for other applications on the device. This update was released on 29th of September 2016 for the Windows 10 OS builds 14393.222, which was confined to loop after failing to install even after successive attempts.

Windows KB3194496 Update

The OS contains a lot of codes and programs in order to provide us a smooth interface. Hence the errors appear even after months of testing and implementation. Such bugs would be fixed and cumulative updates would be provided. This is a successive update from the previous update. If you are installing the Windows 10 update for the first time then you need to download the suitable package which is 402MB for the x86 architecture and 753MB for the x64 architecture.

What does the KB3194496 Update include?

This update focuses on major bug fixes and improvements for Windows Update Agent, shared drives, HTTPS downloads, clustering, Microsoft Edge, multimedia playback, Virtual Private Network, Internet Explorer 11, and Hyper-V platform. Support.microsoft.com is the main source where various threads and bugs are notified to the Microsoft. Later the team would go through the threads and find a suitable solution, which can be fixed through Windows Update.

The above mentioned are the main areas where the Windows would be updated. Apart from them, there are some more updates which can be helpful.

  • Improvement of the push and local notification.
  • Mapping of a drive from an elevated command prompt would now work with the administrator credentials.
  • The movies and TV apps would be watched and used immediately which they were blocked for a while earlier.
  • You can now play the movies ripped from the transport stream (.ts) format. The audio issues have been fixed for both Windows Media Player on PC and Xbox One Media Player.
  • ActiveX can be installed from the Active Installer Service with the help of Internet Explorer 11.
  • Download and update of games from the Windows Store had been improved.
  • The Windows 10 download location can be easily changed for your desirable location on Windows 10 Phones.
  • The unnecessary Windows notification about the Microsoft Account has been for the Windows 10 mobile.
  • Improved performance in Windows Kernal, Windows Shell, Storage file system, Remote Desktop, Windows Update for Business, display kernel, NFC, Bluetooth, Windows Storage API, Cortona, PowerShell, Active Directory, Universal Windows Platform, USB barcode reader, Adobe Flash Player and much more.

This is an update which can give a considerable amount of changes while using the device as most of the fixes have been fixed and a lot of improvement would reflect the performance of the computer/mobile. Microsoft had also described this update as the security update for Windows 10.1607 version.

How to Install the KB3194496 update

Method 1: By disabling the XblGameSaveTask & XblGameSaveTaskLogon tasks and deleting the registry key.

  1. Open the Task Scheduler in order to disable the XblGameSaveTask & XblGameSaveTaskLogon tasks. Type ‘task scheduler’ in the search menu or from the Start menu.

Task Scheduler window KB3194496

  1. From the Task Scheduler select the Task Scheduler Library option from the left side of the window. Under this option expand the Microsoft option to open the XBLGameSave folder. Task Scheduler KB3194496
  2. Now you can see the XBLGameSaveTask in the center of the window. Right-Click on the task to disable this menu. Similarly, disable the XblGameSaveTaskLogon task. You can now close the Task Scheduler.XBLGameSave from Task Scheduler KB3194496
  3. Navigate to the Start Menu/ Windows Key and open Run. In the text box enter the code ‘C:/Windows/System32/Tasks/Microsoft/XblGameSave‘ and hit enter.Open Registry from Run KB3194496
  4. From the navigated location delete both XblGameSaveTask and XblGameSaveTaskLogon. 
  5. Now open the Run option back from the Start menu and type Regedit and provide the administrator access. Or type Regedit after clicking the Win key.
  6. In the Registry navigate to the path:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\ Schedule\ TaskCache\ Tree\ Microsoft\ XblGameSave.XBLGameSaveTask from Registry Editor KB3194496
  7. You need to delete the subkeys XblGameSaveTask and XblGameSaveTaskLogin present in the path provided.
  8. Now you can close the Regedit Registry and navigate to the Update and Security option from the Settings. This can install the Windows 10 Build 14393.222 on your device.
  9. Once you install the KB3194496 check for the Registry. The deleted tasks would re-appear. This would confirm on the successful update.

Method 2: By installing the latest version of Windows on your device.

This would be a feasible option if you have a personal computer. With this option, you would be getting the latest version of the Windows without any of the bugs. You can also upgrade the OS completely while installing which would your time. This would not affect the files present on your device.

Note: If you are about to install the latest version of Windows make sure to have a backup of files present on the desktop. If you have any other personal files/ work in the ‘C’ drive copy them into any other partition of hard drive.

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