New Xbox Preview Released With Bug Fixes


Microsoft has released a new Xbox One update for preview members this week. This new update improves on the features that were implemented earlier this month. This new Xbox One update was released for preview members as of September 18th, 2016. Most of the things about the update are fixes for previous features. You can see the notes below.

Following are the fixes that have been made in the update:

  • Home When installing a game or app, the install progress on the game or app’s dashboard tile should not be correctly displayed.
  • Dashboard The featured tiles in the Community section should now be actionable.
  • Clubs Non-members should no longer encounter a “Something went wrong” error when invited to a Hidden Club party.
  • Guide When selecting “You might like” under Parties, you should no longer encounter an error.
  • Background Audio Background Audio should no longer stop when launching the power menu.

Following are the known issues that have been causing troubles:

  • Settings Users with a console set to use Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language may be unable to access View details & customize under Privacy & online safety > Xbox Live privacy in Settings. Workaround: View details & customize Live privacy settings on
  • Xbox Universal Store When using Cortana to search the store for genres (ie. “Hey Cortana, search the Store for Horror”, search results fail to populate. Workaround: Search for genres via text.
  • Notifications When receiving voice messages from another user, you may not receive a notification.
  • Clubs When viewing Clubs, you may still see the option to start a Club Party even if you are not a Club member.

Remember, this information is only valid for Xbox One owners who are part of the preview program. Normal owners don’t get updates as frequently as preview members. Comment below and let us know if you are one of those preview members and if you are happy with the new update.