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RIP Windows 10 Mobile: HP Will No Longer Make Windows Phones

When Microsoft started off with Windows Phone devices, it was once hyped to be the third alternative to Android and iOS. However with the passage of time it became quite clear that Microsoft was falling in a downward spiral. There was no hope for Windows Phones and Microsoft shut shop. Today it has been officially announced that even HP will no longer make Windows 10 Mobile devices.

HP was one of the last major brands to continue production and support of Windows Phone powered devices. There weren’t many but every now and then you’d see a Windows 10 Mobile based device and that’d be either from Microsoft or from HP. Now, both of them have decided to shut this down.

HP announced that they are no longer going to support the HP Elite X3 smartphones after 2019. Moreover, HP confirmed that they will not be creating any new devices under the Elite branding where we have seen a number of Windows Phone devices in the past. This is the last straw in the hat of Windows 10 Mobile and it looks like it is finally the time to say goodbye.

Nick Lazaridis, president of the EMEA regions at HP commented, saying: “Microsoft, as all companies do, decided on a change in strategy and so they are less focused on what they thought they would be focused on today. Given that, we also had decided that without Microsoft’s drive and support there it doesn’t make sense. If the software, if the operating system ecosystem isn’t there then we are not an operating system company.”

Surprisingly, HP Inc had a full roadmap for the Windows 10 Mobile powered HP Elite X3. “X3 was going to bifurcate, there were going to be a number of products,” said the exec. Instead, sales and support will continue only “until 2019”. This is indeed the final nail in the coffin of the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Article written by Girish Vidhani

If there is a new movie releasing this week, Girish will watch it. It is as simple as that. He is a big time tech enthusiast, and loves to play around with gadgets. His love for tech toys is visible in his writing. He loves Xiaomi as a brand, and follows them closely. He is also a badminton player !Contact him at [email protected]