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Google’s Artificial Intelligence Powered Future: As Revealed by Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai begins the event by remembering the victims of the recent tragic events such as the hurricanes and the LA Shooting. He straightaway addresses the fact that Google is working hard on developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

Pichai addresses the fact that the company is making use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning towards making Google Maps better. He talks about Google Translate as well. With the power of Machine Learning, Google delivers 2 Million translations every day. Google says that they are moving from a mobile-first to an AI-first world. Computers would soon adapt to how people live their lives, rather than people adapting to computers.

There are four things that need to happen in this AI-first world as per Pichai:

  • People should be able to interact with computing in a natural and seamless way.
  • It is going to be ambient - computing will evolve beyond the phone, and get around you.
  • It needs to be thoughtfully contextual. It’s not just about what you’re looking for, but also what you would like to look for.
  • Computing should learn and adapt on a constant basis.

Google wants to bring Artificial Intelligence + Hardware + Software together. Pichai talks about Auto ML - Google’s automated machine learning systems. He says that Google intends to democratize this in the long run. AutoML models are now more accurate and resource efficient than human generated models. Pichai talks about object detection - computers being able to understand images. He teases Google Lens making use of object detection.

Pichai says that Google has more plans for Artificial Intelligence in the years to follow. He praises his AI team and Rick Osterloh takes stage. He teases there are a few surprises coming up! He shows off a montage of media coverage that around their last years’ launch event and all the new products that came out.


Article written by Girish Vidhani

If there is a new movie releasing this week, Girish will watch it. It is as simple as that. He is a big time tech enthusiast, and loves to play around with gadgets. His love for tech toys is visible in his writing. He loves Xiaomi as a brand, and follows them closely. He is also a badminton player !Contact him at [email protected]