All 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Were Hacked in 2013

If you ever had a Yahoo account before 2013, it was hacked. Yahoo officially confirmed that a massive hacker attack in 2013 resulted in all 3 Billion of their accounts getting hacked. The company already has a bad reputation when it comes to account security and has been known for multiple hacks in the past. However today’s revelation is the most shocking of them all.

Image: NDTV

This information that was revealed today is about the August 2013 hacks. The company had released some details about this hack in the December of 2016. Back then the company had said that about a Billion accounts are affected. Today it has come to light that all 3 Billion of Yahoo’s accounts were affected.

When those Billion hacks were first announced, they began to alert the users about changing their security settings. Yahoo will soon begin notifying all their users about changing their security details as all accounts created before this hack are confirmed to be affected.

Since their acquisition by Verizon, Yahoo has now become a part of the Oath group. Verizon commented on these reports saying:

“Verizon is committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency, and we proactively work to ensure the safety and security of our users and networks in an evolving landscape of online threats,” said Chandra McMahon, Chief Information Security Officer, Verizon. “Our investment in Yahoo is allowing that team to continue to take significant steps to enhance their security, as well as benefit from Verizon’s experience and resources.”

This is indeed a shocking revelation and we strongly recommend all our readers who have ever created an account on Yahoo to reset their passwords, as well as their security questions and other private details.

When the news of the hacks first came up, Verizon had reduced the offer they had made for acquiring Yahoo. However, by the time this new report came out the company was already taken over.

Article written by Kishan Jobanputra

Based out of Rajkot, Kishan is an avid traveler, and a featured travel writer. He also happens to be a major tech enthusiast, and one can almost call him an Apple evangelist. He loves to recommend the brand to people. He is a journalist by profession. Contact him at [email protected]