Those who are forewarned are fore-armed. Airtel is arming itself for the arrival of a juggernaut. A juggernaut so massive that it might trample the markets of telecom under its weight. A true giant – Reliance Jio, is all set to step foot into the Indian markets soon. The company has already begun their trial runs with users of the LYF smartphones. This is going to be a major competition that the telecom companies might face.

While the rate of churn, which basically means the rate of the number of users leaving a brand for another, is quite high in telecom, recent government policies such as restrictions on operators on roaming and features such as Mobile Number Portability (MNP) have also affected the telecom operators. With Reliance Jio coming out with their extremely affordable data plans, things are all set to change.

While we recently saw Airtel announce a plan on ‘unlimited calling’, the company is now giving out free broadband data to their Mobile and DTH users! Users of these services will get 5GB of extra data per service. Those who own both, the DTH and Mobile, would get an additional 10GB of data in total. Users can avail as much as 15 additional Gigabytes of data per month. This feature too, has clearly been brought forward to retain the users in the wake of Reliance Jio’s arrival.

This offer is available for the existing as well as new Airtel users. “Along with the unlimited free calling benefit on our landline, customers can now make the most of their Airtel broadband with the free additional data benefits,” Airtel’s home division’s CEO Hemanth Kumar Guruswamy said via an emailed statement. Users can claim this additional data by downloading the MyAirtel app, or by visiting the company’s website and registering their other services there.