Microsoft Corporation, over the past few weeks, has been making quite a noise in the business world. The company announced the deal to take over LinkedIn, the largest professional network in the world. This is indeed a good move from Microsoft, and it is being proven to be effective right after the announcement. Not only did LinkedIn’s profits soar, the company has more good news that came today. This involves their user base, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, a big market.

It has been announced that the company now has over 100 million users from the Asia Pacific region. The largest market in the region is that of India, with over 37 Million users coming from the country. LinkedIn is showing strong signs of growth. The company was at just 50 million users here two years ago. In the last two years, they’ve doubled up.

With a total user-base of 450 million, the Asia-Pacific region now accounts for 22% of their users. “At this scale, LinkedIn is in an even stronger position to help members connect to economic opportunity, whether it’s a new job, a promotion or other business opportunities,” said Olivier Legrand, the company’s Managing Director of Asia Pacific and Japan, in a statement.

Breaking down the numbers even more, China comes in with 23 Million members. Australia contributes 8 million users to this website. The South East Asian nations of Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia contribute a total of 18 Million members. While this is a good news for LinkedIn, this is an even better news for Microsoft Corporation. The company is indeed going to benefit a lot from this acquisition of theirs. Microsoft announced that they will take over the company in June. The company will be paying $196 per share in an all-cash deal. Microsoft will be completing the acquisition of LinkedIn by the end of 2016.