Images of Amazon Echo Touchscreen Device Leaked on Twitter


Amazon, over the years has made a name for itself as an e-commerce giant. However, it is about time we also start calling Amazon a giant in the markets of digital assistants. Alexa has been doing significantly well and is now reaching a much larger number of devices than ever before. Amazon is now working on an Amazon Echo Touchscreen variant - which would add a display to the traditional ‘echo’ devices that used to carry only a speaker.

This Amazon Echo Touchscreen variant was spotted on Twitter, tweeted by AFT news in a low quality image. However, following that leak, popular tipster and a man known for numerous leaks over the years, Evan Blass posted a high res image of the Amazon Echo Touchscreen device on Twitter. This is a rather interesting looking device, although it won’t be for the first time that Alexa would be running on a device with display as Amazon has been allowing a number of devices (most popularly Huawei’s Mate 9 smartphone in the recent times) to do so.

This new Amazon Echo Touchscreen device comes out with a large display on the top and a broad speaker on the bottom. It looks like an interesting combination of audio and visual means to make the best use of Alexa, yet we know noting about the device as of now. At first glance this Amazon Echo Touchscreen device looks like it has the Windows 10 lockscreen on. However, it is probably Fire OS.

The display on the Amazon Echo Touchscreen device features time and date, along with the weather and an icon for notifications. Users can see upcoming events or reminders on the display. This display also showcases various voice based commands that the users can speak to make Alexa more useful. Stay tuned with us for more updates on this story.

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