Apple Live Photos Can Now Work on Any Websites; Apple Releases LivePhotosKit JavaScript API


Apple is among the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology. The company has been introducing a number of innovative concepts over the years. One such innovative concept was that of the Apple Live Photos which was seen with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in 2015. In the past the playback of these photos was only restricted to Apple devices, but has now been opened up for the web now.

Tumblr was among the first names to introduce support for Apple Live Photos last year. However, Apple has now released the LivePhotosKit JavaScript API which will allow all websites and web apps to playback the live photos. This API has now been made available by Apple on the NPM JavaScript community site.

“The JavaScript API presents the player in the form of a DOM element, much like an image or video tag, which can be configured with photo and video resources and other options, and have its playback controlled either programmatically by the consuming developer, or via pre-provided controls by the browsing end-user,” the description of the API says on NPM’s website.

In the past websites like Facebook and Instagram supported Apple Live Photos but only after converting them into Boomerangs. With this API coming out, it is all set to officially be a part of all websites.

After integrating this API on their websites or web apps, the developers will be able to add Live Photo as a DOM element like any other photo or video. The developers will have the control over the duration of media playback. They would also be able to control if it is autoplaying content or if they should only play if users hover over a “LIVE” button in the top right corner of the photo. Apple Live Photos are now supported for the web, if you are a developer you should totally check it out!