New iPhone 8 Render With Minimal Bezels, Large Display Leak


Apple has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology. The company has been around for the past several decades, and has been highly innovative. With their iPhone now about to hit the ten year landmark, Apple now intends to bring out major changes in the way we know the classic iPhone devices to be. With the iPhone 8 coming out later this year, a new render has appeared which showcases the phone with minimal bezels, large displays.

While Apple is a brand known for innovation, this time around they look like they are following the trend instead of setting it. Multiple reports and renders have indicated that Apple plans to introduce a bezel-less iPhone 8 smartphone. This is a trend which was set by the Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone last year, followed by a number of top manufacturers like Samsung and LG this year. The Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 all come with slim bezels and large displays, and we expect the same with Apple.

Apple is all set to get rid of the classic touch ID sensor that has been on the device for many long years now. The phones will instead come with a fingerprint scanner embedded inside the display and will read the fingerprint from under the glass! In addition to the slim bezels and massive screen, this new iPhone 8 smartphone is also expected to feature a vertical camera on the back.

This has been another thing observed in various renders and rumors. The gen-next iPhone will feature a vertical camera setup instead of the traditional horizontal camera. The camera however, still remains on the top edge instead of moving to the center. The LED flash is placed between the two lenses. The distance between the lenses is greater than that of most vertical cameras, as it is expected to perform better for AR related tasks.