Only Recycled Material Will Now Be Used in Apple Products


With Earth Day coming up in two days, all major names in the world are talking about the environment and similar issues. Apple has now made a promise of using only recycled/renewable material in Apple products. Apple announced this in their 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report. Apple’s long term goal with this is that they want to end their reliance on mining in the years to follow.

Apple is taking a moral high ground here as they talk about protecting the environment and reducing mining efforts. The company was recently in controversy over Cobalt mining in Congo. The company stopped buying Cobalt from these mines after major public outrage over child labor and exploitation in Congo. However, with this promise of using only renewable and recycled material in Apple products, Apple now plans to bring forward a major change.

By promising to use only recycled materials, Apple not only helps reduce the wastage and mining, but also acts towards putting an end to exploitation of human rights such as child labor. Apple will now be encouraging even more users to recycle their Apple products via the Apple Renew program. The company has been working on newer means of recycling technology as well.

Greenpeace, one of the biggest non-governmental organizations working towards protecting the environment has commented on this stating not only do Apple Products need to be made of recycled materials, but they also need to be more durable. Greenpeace commented saying: “while transitioning to 100 percent recycled materials is critical to reducing the sector’s footprint, it is also fundamental for Apple and other major IT companies to design products that last, are easy to repair and recyclable at the end of life.”

For Apple, this is going to be a tough battle to fight. Making sure all Apple products are made of recycled material means they are not only going to bring about a change in their organization, but in suppliers and other retailers as well. However it is undeniably for the greater good and much appreciated.