Samsung Galaxy S8 Red Tint Issue Finally Has a Fix! Update Starts Rolling out in Korea


The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been a modern day masterpiece and comes with many great features. However, much like the Note 7, the phone has found itself over some controversy in its early days. Thankfully, it is nothing disastrous like last time. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Red Tint issue has been something a lot of users were reporting. However Samsung’s latest update fixes this problem.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the talk of the town over the past few days. The much awaited Samsung flagship started shipping on the 21st of April, and has since reached a large number of users. However, South Korean users, as well as some tech journalists and other beta users had the access to the phone almost right after the launch. There were reports that a number of users were experiencing a red tint on their phone. The news of the Samsung Galaxy S8 red tint issue caught fire, and was soon reported on many tech forums.

Samsung denied the reports early on, but later said that they will be releasing a fix for the problem in one of their upcoming updates. True to their word, Samsung has released the update that fixes the Samsung Galaxy S8 red tint issue. This update comes out in just one week of the phone’s release.

However, the update has been released only for the Korean users. A global update is expected to roll out shortly. Samsung has been quick to release the fix for the Samsung Galaxy S8 red tint issue. It was quite a relief for them that this was just a software bug and not a hardware issue. Samsung had faced quite a hard time with last years’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which had a major hardware fault leading to ‘exploding smartphones’.

This new update brings in modifications to the display settings which ensure the Samsung Galaxy S8 Red Tint problem ceases to exist.