President Obama is known to be a man who is in touch with a number of gen-next trends. The man is a Game of Thrones fan, a Star Wars enthusiast, and going by his last major speech at the White House, he knows how to drop the mic pretty well. The man has been among some of the most influential personalities of the modern day and has a major following. Getting in touch with the POTUS has now become a lot easier, as the White House Chatbot has now been launched on Facebook.

Announced officially by the White House, this chat bot will now allow the users to send messages to Barack Obama directly. It is quite simple. As simple as sending a message to your friend. All a user needs to do is to open up the White House facebook page, and click on Message. After clicking there, a box pops up. After clicking ‘Lets Go’, users can simply type in their message and send it.

After typing the message, the chat bot asks the users to check it once. It asks for a US Address, and for those who do not live in the US, they can simply provide an e-mail address.  The president himself made it official when he commented on this Facebook Chat bot saying “To make sure that in all the hustle and bustle that’s taken place here, we don’t lose sight of why we’re here — which is a bunch of citizens all across the country, needing our help, seeking advice, more than occasionally being angry, wanting to be heard.”

President Obama has been known to be a tech-savvy personality. There are however, many other ways too, by which one can directly get in touch with the President, including e-mail. However, this seems like a gimmick by Facebook to promote their Facebook Chat Bots. All that said and done, this is indeed a good way to get the people to connect with their government and democracies across the world have something to learn from the White House!