When it comes to the world of technology, Google remains a name which stands out in the markets. The company started off much later when compared to names like Microsoft and Apple. However, it stands in the same league as them. They have made massive progress, and are diversifying like no other company in the world of technology. The company noticed that the markets of hardware and software technology appear to be saturating. They instead entered into the markets of Internet technology, and are today among the top names there. Google, which has tried hand at many services, also offers high-speed internet services in select cities. We are talking about Google Fiber.

Based on a recent filing obtained from the FCC, it now looks like Google is planning to take one major step ahead. The company is looking forward towards expanding their services to 24 new cities. The FCC filing shows that Google is looking forward to test “experimental transmitters” in California, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, North Carolina, Utah, and Virginia for 2 years.

When contacted by Business Insider over this, Google commented saying, “We are working to test the viability of a wireless network that relies on newly available spectrum. The project is in early stages today, but we hope this technology can one day help deliver more abundant Internet access to customers.”

What is interesting to note is Google might actually be working towards 5G networks. This is inferred from the fact that the Google Fiber recently crossed the 1GBPS speed, which is the minimum requirement for 5G networks. The Google Fiber services launched back in 2012, and offered the users with 1 gigabit Internet access and TV service in select cities in USA. If the rumors are to be believed, and Google does indeed bring forward the 5G connectivity, the markets as we know them to be might change forever!