The star of Wednesday’s Apple Event was undoubtedly the iPhone 7, along with the company’s new wireless earphones and second generation Apple Watch.

However, there were many other new features and updates announced at the event. Here are some you might have missed.

  1. AppleCare+ repair program changes

Apple has previously charged $99 for repairs of current generation iPhones and $79 repairs for previous generation iPhones. That was until yesterday. Apple announced that there will now be a flat $99 charge for all incidental repairs under AppleCare+. AppleCare+ customers seeking screen repair will now pay a $29 fee, as opposed to the $99 they were charged before. The $99 fee still applies to all other repairs.

  1. New app requirements

Apple is looking to clean out the App Store. The company announced that it will be implementing an ongoing app evaluation process, removing apps that are no longer up-to-date or that no longer function. Apple provided App Review guidelines for users and gave a list of what to expect. If an app does not meet the new requirements, the user will be contacted by the App Store team and will be asked to make necessary changes to stay on the store. If the user is unable to make the changes in 30 days, their app will be removed from the App Store.

  1. macOS Sierra

Apple announced on its website that its latest desktop operating system, macOS Sierra, will be available on Sept. 20. The most highlighted update for the new system is Siri making its debut on Mac. Other features Sierra will provide are copying and pasting images, video and text from one device to another, accessing desktop and document files on all devices, using Apple Pay on the web and using bigger emojis in text conversations.

  1. iOS 10 coming Sept. 13

Apple is making significant changes with its latest and biggest update yet, iOS 10. Changes are being made to Siri, the lock screen and messages features.

Siri will now be available in more apps than ever. Users will be able to wake their iPhone up by simply picking it up. The messages app will have enlarged emojis, message bubble customization and animations that take over the entire screen.