The importance of Facebook verification for your business or personal page has one again been called to the forefront due to Facebook’s new branded content rules. Why should you verify your page? It’s simple, and it’s becoming more important to stand out among the clutter. Verification lets people know that profile is authentic.

If you see a Blue Badge, that means the profile is that of a celebrity, public figure or a brand and has been verified. Brands are businesses but more popular and recognized like Nike, the NFL or Rolex. Public figures would be considered Barak Obama or Donald Trump. Celebrity would be Kim or Kanye West (Or are they brands? Depends who you ask I suppose.)

Verifying your business page helps pages rank higher in search, builds trust with potential customers as well as your current audience, and makes sure people know your page represents the real you. Verifying your Facebook Business Page is quick and easy. Here, I’ll outline the simple steps to get Facebook Business Verification using our customer the Police Officers Association of Michigan.

1.) Once logged in, go to Settings

2.) In General, scroll down to Page Verification

3.) Click Edit

4.) You now have two options: Verify by Phone or via Documentation

5.) Verify by Phone: enter your publicly listed business phone number, your country, and language

6.) Click “Call me now” and you’ll be called with a special verification code

7.) Once called, enter the 4-digit verification code when prompted, and click Continue

8.) Voila! You are now Verified!

You’ll now have a verified symbol (a gray checkmark) on your business profile.

If you prefer to verify your page by Business Documentation, follow the steps above and click “Verify this Page with Documents” instead.

Upload your official document that shows your business’ name, as well as the address. After Facebook has received your Business Documentation, they’ll review the information to confirm its legitimacy.

You’ll receive a notification (or email) regarding your page’s verification status within a few days.

If your page is about a celebrity, sports team, media, public figure, or entertainment, you may be eligible for a blue verification badge.