FIFA 17, a much-awaited game for all of its users all around the world. Electronics Art before the launch of FIFA 17 on gaming consoles launched the game on Play store. On the play store, EA has listed game FIFA mobile soccer which is available for Pre-Register. All the registered users will be notified as soon as the game is launched on the store. It seems that the game will be launched along with all the other gaming consoles and PC.

FIFA 17 is already available on Amazon India at Rs 3999 for Pre-Order and will be delivered to users on September 29,2016. FIFA Mobile Soccer is designed in an effective manner to attract large users. Unlike, FIFA 16 which takes 1.3GB after the installation and overall size of the game becomes 1.8GB after installation, FIFA Mobile Soccer takes somewhat more than 100MB after installation. In term of graphics, the game’s graphics matches with older version FIFA 2014.

Like FIFA 2015, you can buy various Player and then build your team and fight in top leagues and knockout trophies. The new feature introduced in the game is called “Attack Mode“. In this new mode, the gamers will have to score as many goals as possible for their team each half before as then they pass on the chance to their rival team to do the same task.

In FIFA Mobile Soccer, now there are total 30 leagues, 650 teams and around 17,000 players which offer a wide variety of options for all the gamers.

One of the important information, For FIFA 17, EA has shifted its game engine from Ignite to Frostbite. Frostbite includes games like Need for speed, Mirror’s Edge and others. Also, the developer and Publisher has promised that game will hand over “authentic, true-to-life action” and also offer its users with “characters full of depth and emotion”.

EA has announced the launch of it’s FIFA game in this fall for both Android and iOS, and will be soon listed on the App store as well.