Over the past several years, Apple has established itself in the markets of technology as the leading name when it comes to design innovations. The company has been instrumental in bringing forward some of the biggest changes we know in the markets of technology. They were among the first names to release tablets at a major level, followed by introducing technologies such as touchID verification (fingerprint scanning) and pressure sensitive touch. Apple leads the markets, while other names follow. Apple is all set to do that once again with their iPhone 7 PRO smartphone.

Traditionally, Apple used to release only one iPhone. Over the past few years, the company has begun releasing more than one iPhone variant. They introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus two years ago, and followed that up with the 6S. With the iPhone 7 coming out, the company intends to bring forward even more innovations in the way we know Apple devices to typically be. Apart from a regular and a plus sized variant, a third iPhone device, the iPhone 7 PRO is being anticipated to release.

There have been a number of rumors which say that the iPhone 7 PRO would actually be that iPhone which would feature the much awaited, much speculated dual cameras. More speculations have indicated that it will in fact be the iPhone 7 PRO which would be coming out with the wireless audio features. Apple will now be taking things one major step forward with this device.

As of now it is still unclear if the iPhone 7 PRO would be a phablet sized device. While there have bene people talking about three different sized iPhones releasing, it is also speculated that the regular iPhone would release with a 5 inched screen, while the Plus and PRO variants would both feature a 5.5 inched screen, with the camera and the wireless audio being the primary difference between the two. With the iPhone 7 launching in just a day from now, it will indeed be interesting to see how things go.