Automation is the future of the world of technology. Complex tasks are being made simpler with every passing day. The machine is doing most of the work of the man, and life is getting easier. As 1984-like as it might sound, it is indeed true. There is a high probability that frequent user of technology and avid users of gadgets would know about automation apps. Among the most popular names in this segment is that of IFTTT. Microsoft Flow, an app that performs similar functions, is now out for the Android devices.

Microsoft Flow allows the users to automate many time consuming processes which would otherwise be done manually. Not only does the app just do the task, it then notifies the entire team about the completion of the task, so that everyone is up to speed. It can capture, track and follow up with tasks. The best thing about this is, that it has to be instructed once, and would then be doing all of this automatically.

As of now, 43 services are supported by Microsoft Flow, and more names are expected to be added. Major names include Office 365, Twitter, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, MailChimp among many others. Many tasks that are deemed basic have been introduced as preset templates which the users can start using directly. For example, automatic backup to Azure Storage container when a file is uploaded on OneDrive. Another popular example would be getting a push notification when a certain person (let’s say Boss) sends you an e-mail. Many other features are available in the app.

Another popular example of Microsoft Flow automating tasks would be – receiving a notification in slack any time a particular hashtag is use in a Tweet. It is of great use to those working in corporate organizations and enterprise businesses. Microsoft has been aiming at pushing their services towards a business-class user off late, and it looks like the niche push is continuing with Microsoft Flow on Android.