There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that Pokemon Go has become an overwhelming success. The game defied all the trends of the smartphone gaming industry, and rode a major wave of momentum to the top of the markets. On their way to success, the company shattered several records previously held by many established names. The game has been progressing faster than ever before, and is still releasing across nations. It is now heading towards another record – the $350 Million mark.

Pokemon Go is about to hit $350 million in consumer spending in a few days. With this amount of consumer spends in just five weeks of its release, the bigger question is, how far is the $1 Billion mark? There is also a possibility that the Pokemon Go could cross the record of Captain America: Civil War, which has been the highest grossing movie of the year so far.

The impact of the game is seen across various spectrums. While Niantic and Nintendo are making major money out of the game, McDonalds too is benefiting. As a part of a licensing deal in Japan, 2900 McDonalds have been made Pokemon Gyms! This has helped boost the sales of the devices by 27% since the game’s release! This is the first time McDonalds is looking at profits in Japan.

Online retailers have witnessed a 105% boost in Pokemon-related products. While many people have predicted that this is a fad and might be forgotten soon, the fact of the matter is, that Pokemon Go is yet to officially launch in China and India. What makes these two countries special is the number games. China and India respectively rank first and second in terms of global population. The release of Pokemon Go in these nations is bound to have a major impact on the game’s long-term success.