Sony, with the PlayStation devices, is among the biggest names in the markets of gaming technology. The company has been among the biggest names in the markets for the past several years. Sony and Microsoft have been competing each other in these markets, and Sony is now all set to take things one major step forward. Come September, many big announcements are expected from the company. It is being anticipated that Sony’s PlayStation Now offering will soon reach the desktops.

The company has sent out invitations for a ‘PlayStation Meeting’ on the 7th of September. It is being heavily anticipated that the PS4 Neo would finally be coming out at this event. The company had promised earlier that they are working on making the PlayStation into a service, and bigger changes are soon expected in the markets. Releasing the PlayStation now for PC and Mac devices would be the first major step towards that.

PlayStation games on PC became near-reality with the arrival of Remote Play for PS4. It allows the PC owners to stream their PS4 games to their PCs. The Netherlands, Belgium and UK are expected to be the first three markets to get this service, with US and Canada following shortly. Based on these rumors, there is no word on when France and the home country, Japan might get it.

The PlayStation Now service allows the users to stream games from their PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 devices to the PlayStation TV set-top box, PS Vita handheld, PS3 and PS4. This service is now expected to get a big update. However, Sony also needs to work out a better pricing scheme, as the service is quite expensive as of now. It costs $20 a month or $45 for a 3-month subscription. Further rumors indicate that the PlayStation Now on Desktop is currently being tested, but in exactly three weeks from now, things will become much clearer.