Apple, one of the leading Smartphone Company is introducing latest features in its devices to provide a better experience to the customers. A week before the launch of iPhone 7, Apple has announced that  they will provide large iCloud storage capacity in its device. Apple announces a 2TB iCloud Storage plan for its customers.

Earlier Apple has introduced 1TB storage plan for its iPhone device having 128GB internal Storage. Apple will introduce iPhone 7 with 256GB internal memory. Due to this reason, Apple introduces a 2TB tier in its iCloud Storage Plan besides 1TB storage Plan. The company wants to maintain its ratio my introducing this new feature. It’s just a simple math, let’s calculate. For 128GB there was 1TB(i.e 1024GB) which is eight times more than 128GB, While for 256GB there will be 2TB(i.e 2048GB)which is eight times more than it’s internal storage. Besides, apple is going to dig away 16GB version of the devices.

For all the users who don’t know about the storage plans, the details about it will be as follows. Whenever a user sign in with the iCloud, the user will get 5GB of free iCLoud Storage. According to the new plans, users can upgrade plans to 50GB, 200GB, 1TB and 2TB respectively. For US users,  the prices will be $0.99, $2.99, $9.99 and $2.99 per month respectively. For Indian users, prices will be Rs 65, Rs 190, Rs 650 and Rs 1300 per month respectively. For all the other countries, the prices are available on this site.