When it comes to the markets of internet technology, there is perhaps no other name more popular than that of Google. The company has been innovating the way we know the world of technology to be. They have been introducing a number of updates and upgrades over the years. With their latest update, Google has brought a major change to the Google Wallet. The company has now simplified the process of getting the money straight into the bank account. They have also made the process faster than ever before. Users can now get their payments directly into their bank accounts after this new update.

In the past, the process used to be slower as the money from the wallet would have to be transferred to the bank manually. However, now the users can choose to directly get their payment in their debit card or their bank account. This makes the process of receiving the payments quite faster. Users still have the options of letting the money stay in the Google Wallet too.

The Google Wallet is becoming a popular means of transferring money in the US. With the Android Pay technology picking up, and integrating with the Wallet, the future does indeed look good for the app. Google faces competition from various other similar apps in the niche. However, the Google Wallet is still among the biggest names in the markets.

While these changes have been announced, it remains unclear as to how fast the transfers would be. Based on Tech Crunch reports, Debit Card transfers could be nearly instant, and take as much as 24 hours of time. The bank transfers however, might take up to 3 days to complete. Nevertheless, the update does reduce the time, and also adds an element of convenience as the users no longer have to manually make the transfers.