A giant in the markets of smartphone technology, Apple is constantly working on innovating their devices over the years. The company, with just three devices changed the way we look at the markets. The iPhone, the iPod and the iPad have been critical in bringing forward a whole new design language into the markets, and are major elements of change. Apple’s constant thirst for innovation now brings to them at a solution of a major problem – iPhone theft. A new Apple patent indicates that their smartphones might soon be able to easily capture information of a thief.

iPhone theft is a highly reported crime across the world. However, this new Apple Patent indicates the company is working on a plan to capture the fingerprint data and take videos and photographs of the thief. This will help improve the security of the smartphone by a manifold and would literally make it ‘unstealable’.

The phone will begin capturing this information when it thinks that someone is trying to gain an unauthorized access! The phone will decide this based on certain trigger conditions. These include unauthorized access attempts by third party devices, or detection of an unauthorized user trying to break through Apple’s security. Biometric information of the person trying to gain unauthorized access will then be captured.

This information includes the likes of one or more fingerprints of the person holding the iPhone, a video or photo of that person, the audio of the environment surrounding the smartphone and the GPS location of the device. However the only conflict that the company might face goes against their own policy. Apple has time and again practiced a policy of not storing any unencrypted information. If this Apple patent is to be believed to be practical, the company might soon have to think of a way to go past it.