Apple has been among some of the biggest names in the markets of technology since its inception in the 1970s. The company has been in the markets for well over 40 years now, and has been growing with every passing day. The company has become a giant in the hardware markets, and has been bringing forward many changes in the modern day trends. While most people credit Steve Jobs to be the man behind Apple’s success, it is hard for us to digest the fact that Steve is no longer with us. The man who has been at the helm of the company through thick and thin, the current CEO, Tim Cook, completes 5 years as CEO today.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs appointed Tim Cook as the new Apple CEO on the 24th of August, 2011. Jobs had to step down from the position due to health ailments. Steve new his time was near, and he made a wise decision to anoint his successor while he was still healthy enough to do so. Tragically, Steve Jobs passed away a little over a month later on the 5th of October that year.

Tim Cook first took over the control of the company for six months in 2009, when Steve Jobs was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Tim Cook was the man who oversaw the development and the launch of the iPhone 3GS while Steve was ill. When it ultimately came out into the markets, the iPhone 3GS broke all records, and became the most successful iPhone to ever release. Upon his return, Steve Jobs made a specific mention of one Tim Cook who handled the operations while he was away.

Tim Cook has been a member of Apple since the year 1998. Prior to that he had a short stint with Compaq, but had an experience of 12 years behind him with IBM, a leading tech giant. He has been overseeing operations at the company ever since, and as CEO for the past five years, Apple has grown remarkably under him. Known to often be the first man in and last man out of the office, Tim Cook still credits one Steve Jobs to be ‘irreplaceable’.