Samsung is among the biggest, most popular of the names when it comes to the markets of technology. The company has constantly been coming out with a number of new releases over the years. Once a consumer electronics giant, the company has today been casting a giant shadow in the markets of smartphone technology too. Samsung leads the Android device markets, and is all set to bring forward many more changes in the days to follow. The company has now come out with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, their latest release.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company aims at dominating the third and the fourth quarters. Samsung has had an excellent second quarter this year, and the Note 7 is all set to ride on the momentum. The demand for the device is already exceeding the supply. However, while Samsung has shown the markets high optimism on this new release, a news broke out today that might be slightly disturbing.

Based on recent reports obtained via Baidu, it has come to light, that a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has exploded while charging! There have been a number of cases of various devices exploding while charging over the year. However, these numbers have dropped down in the past few years. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding is a rather curious case. The device has just started rolling out to the users, and is an unfortunate incident.

The users was charging the device with a microUSB to Type-C converter for the cable and it exploded. As of now no further details are available about the incident. However, while there is a chance it might be a fabricated incident, one must be alert about it. It is indeed a disturbing thing if it is really happening and other users too, need to stay alert.