FreedomPop, a wireless internet and mobile phone service provider from Los Angeles, has been gaining popularity in the markets over a while. The company is offering SIM packages with very unique offerings. Their offerings are app-specific. This is similar to T-Mobiles’ plans where they offered the users free Pokemon Go usage. FreedomPop’s latest offering, this WhatsApp SIM is a US SIM card, which allows the users to use unlimited data on WhatsApp Messenger. The SIM is functional in over 30 nations across the planet.

The company has observed that WhatsApp is among the most frequently used apps by a large number of people. With the app recently having hit the 1 billion user mark, it continues to grow every passing day. FreedomPop too, has realized that the growing popularity of WhatsApp makes it a lucrative offer to tie it up with their SIM cards. The company has commented on the matter saying that WhatsApp is “something the kids are into”.

The WhatsApp SIM that the company is offering will deduct all data charges imposed by WhatsApp in the final bill. This means the bill that the users have to end up paying would be without the WhatsApp data charges. In addition to this, users get 200MB of free data, and 100 minutes of free calling.

In addition to that, more than 30 countries have been included in the list of countries where the WhatsApp SIM shall not charge for WhatsApp data. These mainly include many European nations and countries from South East Asia. Data charges for WhatsApp during roaming too, shall remain free of cost. This is indeed an interesting concept from the company. These SIM cards are particularly beneficial for those going travelling or are frequent fliers to different nations. The company made this announcement on their blog yesterday. It looks like they are all set to get a major boost in their sales in the days to follow.