When it comes to names that redefine trends in the markets, Apple stands out in the crowd. The company is among some of the biggest names in the markets of technology, and has brought forward a number of innovations into the markets. Apple, over the past few years, has witnessed a slowdown, especially with the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. While the device, to its credit has been doing well in the European markets despite a global slowdown. However, Apple really needs to step up with their gen-next device, the iPhone 7.

While every day, there seems to be some new report on this Apple smartphone, the latest news that now comes to us is that the iPhone 7 might be a waterproof offering. Apple, with this new iPhone, is now expected to finally introduce a device that will not be as damage-prone to water as its predecessors.

This has been speculated for quite a while, and has recently been given further credibility as a patent has surfaced. The patent was granted to them earlier last week and has recently come to light. This further adds fuel to the fire that Apple is indeed working on a waterproof iPhone at last. In addition to that, it had recently been spotted that the new iPhone would be releasing in a ‘Space Black’ variant. The device is also expected to feature dual cameras and a large storage space.

Another major speculation surrounding the iPhone 7 device is the fact that it would feature a pressure-sensitive home button. The iPhone 7, months before its launch, had been burdened by a number of expectations, and it would be really exciting to see what Apple finally comes out with. However, till the company makes any announcement, this seems to still be a speculation, but is most likely to be a part of the list of the new iPhones’ features.