Samsung is among the largest players in the markets of technology. Once known for their work in the markets of consumer electronics and standard household electrical appliances, the company has now taken a major leap forward as it is now a dominating name in the world of hardware technology. Samsung’s smartphone division is the biggest name in the Android markets. The company keeps flexing their muscles with the help of regular updates and upgrades. The latest Samsung update brings forward the Samsung Cloud service to the users of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices.

Samsung introduced Samsung Cloud with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The service helps the users easily backup, synchronize and restore their files as and when needed. The biggest challenge that it comes as an answer to is that of moving to a new device. The service takes care of all the important data that needs to be transferred, and does so in an efficient manner.

There’s much more to the Samsung Cloud than what meets the eye. Ironically, while it was introduced with the Note 7, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would actually not be the first device to run it. That honor would now go to the latest generation of S series of devices.

However, the update that brings out the Samsung Cloud services for the S7 and S7 Edge devices has more to it. The update brings out several security fixes, and is basically the regular monthly update that the users receive over the air. The new update also fixes several other flaws, and helps improve the Bluetooth services of the devices. In addition to that, the update also helps give the GPS a boost. The Samsung Cloud, however, remains the highlight and the most important aspect of this update from Samsung.