No Man’s Sky has been a game that has become the talk of the town since its release. The game has been getting major mainstream media coverage, and has millions of people across the planet hooked on to it. What makes the game truly special is the fact that the game was in development for quite a long time, and it finally released to major fan-fare. However, despite all the hype that surrounded it, there were some major problems with the game upon its launch. Over the days, things started to become smoother. However, the biggest question that looms is – when would the game release for the XBOX One?

The game first came out for the PS4, followed by the PC release. However, the XBOX One gamers are still clueless over the game. The game’s director, Sean Murray, at an interview with Daily Star was asked this question. The man wanted to play cautious here, and commented by saying that he’s not sure if he’s allowed to comment on this topic as of now.

It hints at the fact that the game might be a PS4 exclusive, but only a timed exclusive. A similar thing happened with the Rise of the Tomb Raider too, when the developers accidentally said it out that the game is actually a timed-exclusive for the XBOX One. Before any other comments could be made, a Sony representative asked the interviewer to ask questions on a different topic.

This further leads towards the speculations that the game might actually get a release on the XBOX One some day. The game has been in the markets for a very short while, and in the one week of its existence, it has come out to many mixed reactions. While the fans loved it for the huge, huge, HUGE environment and endless possibilities it offers, the problem is also with the glitches in the game. However, it is expected to get a lot better with the passage of time.