Google, with the Nexus series of devices, has constantly delivered devices which raise the bar every year. The Nexus smartphones offer the users with some of the best technologies, and provide them with the latest updates and upgrades in the markets of Android technology. The latest Nexus devices are expected to both be made by HTC. They are codenamed the Nexus Sailfish and the Nexus Marlin. In latest update, the photos of the Sailfish smartphone have come to light.

This leak was first spotted on Android Police, who also leaked the rendered images in the past. The rendered images and the leaked photos are a near match. Google intends to launch the two devices with nearly identical specs. The only major difference between the two is expected to be that of their screen size, battery life, and resolution. The upcoming Nexus Sailfish device, which is seen in the picture above, will feature a 5 inched screen. The Nexus Marlin will be a slightly bigger smartphone, and would feature a 5.5 inched screen.

While the device above is Nexus Sailfish, Both the smartphones are expected to follow a similar design pattern. In addition to that, the devices are both going to feature the same metal and glass look. Neither of the smartphones is expected to be ‘plasticky’ in nature. There have been various rumors that talk about a budget Nexus device coming out. However, to the best of our knowledge, only the Nexus Sailfish and the Nexus Marlin will be releasing this year.

Google, however, has bigger plans for these smartphones. The company intends to take the Nexus smartphones one step up. There are also plans to later introduce Nexus-branded smartwatches this year. Google is also working on a plan to release their own Google-branded smartphone. Together, these devices would be competing against the iPhone, as Google’s most premium devices.