Google is among some of the biggest names when it comes to the markets of technology. The company has been coming out with a number of innovations in the markets of technology. They are among the leading names in the internet markets, and have been bringing forward major innovations over the years. Google, however, from time to time, tends to run into controversies in various countries. The latest of such events has happened in Russia where Google has been fined $6.8 Million over anti-trust issues.

Russia began their investigation against Google when the largest search engine in Russia, Yandex complained to the authorities. The main allegations were against Google promoting their own services on Android devices. This, according to Yandex, was reducing the alternatives for people as they were being force-fed with this choice. The Russian authorities have since been investigating into the matter.

They have now come out with their final judgment, and Google has now been fined $6.8 Million fine in Russia over this. When it comes to the fine, the fine imposed by the Russian authorities is significantly lower than what they have been fined in other nations. This is a miniscule amount of fine for Google. The company makes over $75 Billion dollars in annual revenue.

The fine has actually been based on 15% of Google’s total revenues in Russia. This amounts to $6.8 Million. Google, on their part, have said that they are now evaluating this judgment by the Russian authorities. After their analysis they will now decide on the next step. Google is likely to appeal against the decision, and will pay up an even smaller amount of the fine. More details on this news will be announced as the story breaks. Stay tuned with us for regular updates! The legal battle is expected to heat up in the days to follow.