No Man’s Sky was among some of the most anticipated games of all times. The game has been making news since quite a while. Its much waited launch too, was a little rickety as there were various troubles the gamers as well as the developers had to go through. However, the game has finally launched, but much to the dismay of the gamers who had been awaiting it for years, it is quite buggy as of now. Let us take a look at some of the popular bugs that the users are facing –

The game has a major bug for the users who have pre-ordered the game. The users were promised a Hyperdrive right at the beginning of the game, which would give them an edge over the regular players. The people who have not pre-ordered the game are met with a tutorial on how to gain access to a blueprint of a hyperdrive module. Since the users who pre-order this do not come across this tutorial, any new ships that they build tend to end up without these hyperdrive modules.

Another major bug in No Man’s Sky allows the users to double their inventory. The users, when they die, need to go back to their grave in order to get their resources back. However, if they reload their previous saved game before going to the grave, they are able to double their inventory by then going to the grave! As of now the game has neither commented on the issue nor fixed it.

A third bug that is a part of No Man’s Sky game is that players are unable to see each other. This was discovered when two players found out they were closeby. Even when they came across the same landmarks, they were still unable to actually see each other. What makes this even more absurd is the fact that while it was night for one player, it was day time for the other.