Over the past several months, there have been a large number of specs and rumors that surround the arrival of the new iPhone device. Expected to be named the iPhone 7, a large number of rumored specs and features of this smartphone have been rumored over the months. Apple, with their latest iPhone device is expected to bring forward several changes. Let us take a look at the various speculations that surround this new iPhone device:

Space Black Variant: This seemed to be nothing more than a rumor for the past few weeks until a leaked image near-confirmed this yesterday. The iPhone 7 is now anticipated to release in the much-awaited space-black variant. Apple has not released these colored devices since quite a long while. This would truly be a refreshing change.

Dual Cameras: The iPhone 7 is speculated to feature dual cameras since nearly January. The device is still being anticipated to releases with twin cameras on the back. It is anticipated that it will feature these cameras, and this has been spotted in a number of modules. It was most recently spotted in the space-black module linked above.

 Pressure Sensitive Home Button: Apart from all these features, Apple is also expected to borrow a trick out of the new Macbook’s playbook.  The trackpad has recently been made pressure-sensitive, and a similar change is soon expected in the new iPhone 7 smartphones.

Release Details: While no official details are yet announced, it is being heavily speculated that the phone would be announced on the 7th of September. Bloomberg reports further added fuel to this fire. In addition to that, the release date for the device is being expected to be the 16th of September. The device is all set to go on pre-orders starting the 9th of September. Less than a month to go!