Microsoft – a name that holds a major, major authority when it comes to the world of software technology. The company has been changing many elements in the markets as we know them to be. They have been coming out with a number of new releases over the years, and have been innovating the markets like never before. The company is now working hard on the Windows 10 OS and their new generation offerings. Introduced last year, the Edge browser comes out as one of the latest offerings from Microsoft. Microsoft is now depending on Twitter to get bug updates. The company is encouraging bug reporters to use the hashtag #EdgeBug when reporting a bug to catch their attention immediately.

Microsoft has issued three instructions on their blog on this process of reporting bugs:

  1. Use the hashtag #EdgeBug so our tool catches your bug and we can follow up with a link to the bug.
  2. Include a link to a reduced test case of the bug on,,, or - this makes sure the bug is actionable on our end.
  3. Use the text remaining to make a title for your bug. Make sure it’s succinct and descriptive!

After the users send their Tweet, they will immediately get a response from @MSEdgeDev, with the link to the senders bug report. Microsoft also announced that this idea was originally of Lea Verou, a developer who suggested this last year. The idea was for the developers to be able to tweet bugs relating to the edge browser. This would make reporting a lot easier than compared to the other processes.

With the Edge Browser, Microsoft intended to introduce a popular alternative to the Internet Explorer browser. The company is indeed achieving that, as this browser has been quite successful. At least compared to the Internet Explorer. The Edge browser has been found to be quite useful for those running touch-enabled devices, especially the Surface devices.