Microsoft is among the biggest names in the markets of technology. This statement is beyond the realms of any doubt. The company has been innovating the markets for quite a while, and have been the most dominant name in the software markets in quite a while. Microsoft’s new focus is on the markets of gaming technology. The company is among some of the biggest names in the world of gaming. With the XBOX consoles on their side, Microsoft is indeed a major market force. The company has now acquired Beam, a live streaming service which allows the users to take control of the gameplay while viewing it online!

As of now, there is no update on the details of the deal. However, the founder of Beam mentioned in a blog post that the company will now become a part of the XBOX team. Microsoft’s move comes as the markets of live-streaming technology continue to expand. Off late, viewers of gaming on live-streaming services have been increasing in number. Microsoft is now looking to capitalize on that with Beam acquisition.

With influencers and celebrities on websites that broadcast live streaming games rising, it has been catching up as a major trend. YouTube too, has introduced their own dedicated gaming app – YouTube gaming. With Amazon taking over Twitch, and YouTube with YouTube Gaming, things around this niche are getting really interesting.

With Beam, Microsoft adds a fresh element to the markets of gaming services, as the service actually allows the users to take control of the streaming game. This is Microsoft’s first venture into the markets of live-streaming games. The timing too, looks just perfect for the company. It would be interesting to see what Microsoft does with beam in the months to follow, and how it benefits the XBOX. In recent news which comes as a good news for Microsoft, XBOX Sales beat the PS4 Sales in the July of this year!  However, the game would step up again once the PS4 Neo releases later this year.