Microsoft is among some of the biggest names when it comes to the markets of technology. The company has had a major impact in the software markets, and is now trying to establish dominance in the hardware markets. The company has been bringing forward many innovations. They recently released the Windows 10 OS Anniversary Update. The update was talked about for quite a while, and has finally come out. A similar update released for the Windows 10 Mobile OS too. It was also recently brought to light that the company, in 2017, will be coming out with two major updates. These updates are called the Redstone 2 and Redstone 3 update.

In latest news, the company has already started rolling out the first build of the Redstone 2 update. This build is only available for the ‘fast ring’ users as of now. The Fast Ring testers are the primary testers who get the updates straight after Microsoft approves of them. After a test is carried out by these testers, the update goes out to other testers who are known as the slow ring. Following the slow ring, it is released as a release preview for all interested users. The Redstone 2 update has reached the Fast Ring today.

In additional news, it is expected that the Fast Ring testers have claimed that as of now the only major visible updated that can be spotted is that of a notification update in File Explorer. These notifications help provide the users with information about things that they can try out in Windows 10. A few weeks later, Redstone 2 builds for the Windows 10 Mobile OS users too, are expected. The update is expected to launch as an official update for the users in early 2017. A ‘Redstone 3’ update too, is in plans for mid-2017.