WWE Games have always been among the most exciting and awaited games to release every year. Like every year, this year too, WWE is all set to release their latest game in October. The WWE 2k17 has several users excited, mostly due to the interesting things happening in WWE right now. With the brand split, and a number of new superstars coming in, the scenario has become really interesting. The company has today officially announced the features of the latest WWE Game:

Gameplay Details: 2K has commented that the focus of WWE 2K17 is no longer on being an arcade style fighting game. It has now become much better and is more like a real-life simulation. Existing gameplay mechanics have been improved and many new additions have also been made. Backstage and crowd areas have now been made playable.

Creation Details: The creation modes in WWE games are a major plus-point. It allows the users to express their creative side. Users can create a number of things such as superstars, titles, shows, arenas and a lot more. Users can now record highlights from their matches and add them to their titantron videos. A new ‘create a victory’ feature has also been introduced.

2K Showcase: In a rather absurd move, the 2K showcase has been pulled down. The company comments on this saying that this was done due to lack of availability of certain names which would have given a more realistic experience to WWE 2k17. They had planned to create a storyline around Brock Lesnar. However, the idea has been dropped and this would be the first game to release without a showcase mode.

MyCareer Mode:  WWE 2k17 is all set to come out with a highly improved 2K17 mode. Every element of the game can impact the future of the player in the game, as per 2K. They have also mentioned that at some point of time in their career, users will come face to face with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

WWE Universe Mode: The WWE Universe mode has been enhanced too. Run-ins and pre/post-match attacks have also been added to the mix. A new ‘Promo Engine has also been introduced with this new game. This will ensure more life-like promos, and promos are going to decide a number of things in the game, just like real life. The company has also tipped of a bigger roster than last year. More details are expected to be revealed in October though.