Over the last few days, the Google Duo app has been making rounds in the news. The app was announced in the May of this year during the Google I/O 2016 event. The app generated quite a buzz back then. However, back in May, Google did not hint at when the company plans to release the app. The Allo and Duo apps were announced together. However, three days ago, Google changed the icons of both the apps. The very next day, Google Duo was launched. The app comes out with a stunning air of simplicity around it. It has now been confirmed by a Google Exec that the app will soon be getting Audio Calling features too.

As of this moment, Google Duo users can only make a video call with their friends on Duo. However,  they will soon be getting the option to make audio calls too. This has been confirmed by Google’s Amit Fulay, on his Google Plus. He was asked questions that do they plan to release an audio feature, to which he replied saying ‘Soon’.

However, Google saying ‘soon’ is a very ambiguous term. The company might release the feature as early as tomorrow, or as late as the end of the year. Despite that, it is indeed good to know that audio calling is coming to Google Duo. This helps increase the reach to a number of more users. The app, which is known for its simplicity, is also known for its seamless connectivity.

There are many parts of the world where data connection might not be accessible to all due to the cost associated with it. The company planning to add audio calls to the Google Duo apps could mean that many users of the developing nations can make better use of it. Also, there are many situations where a user might prefer making audio calls than video calls. This eliminates many problems.