Over the years, it has been noticed that gaming has become a major business. From being an extension of the world of technology, it has now become a whole market in itself. There are a number of brands coming out with gamer-specific devices. The gaming hardware markets have stepped up, and are now a major industry. HP has now become the latest name to capitalize on these markets with their high-end Omen X desktop.

This new desktop from HP is specifically aimed at the gamers. It has been made in a cube-shape, and offers the users a huge scope for customization. In the past customizing gaming PCs was a huge problem, and once a gamer bought it, they were stuck with it for quite a while. However, with the HP Omen X, things are beginning to look a lot better. The gamers are now getting many more options for customization.

The design allows separate chambers for GPU, power unit and hard drives. This gives them a much greater power in terms of customizing hardware. In addition to that, the cube-shaped design of the CPU too, adds to the charm of the device. The device comes with four swappable hard drive trays as well.

Talking about the specs of the device, it comes with an Intel ‘Skylake’ Core i7 processor aided by  8GB of RAM. The device also features AMD’s Radeon RX 480 4GB graphics card along with liquid cooling. When it comes to the storage, it comes out wiht a 2TB hard drive, and a 256GB SSD.

With these specs, the HP Omen X is indeed the dream device for most modern day gamers. The PC is also VR compatible. This gives the gamers an added advantage as the gen-next gaming is all expected to be based on VR technologies. The device starts selling from $1799 and the price varies based on the configuration users choose.