The PlayStation is among the biggest names in the world of gaming consoles. In fact, it forms a majority of the console gaming markets. The device has been around for decades now. For nearly 20 years, the PlayStation devices have been entertaining the users over the years. What keeps them refreshing are the constant release of new titles, as well as software updates that keep the device updated. The PS4 Software Update 4.00, which is all set to release in the next few days, has many updates up its sleeve.

The PS4 Software Update 4.00, codenamed ‘Shingen’ is all set to bring out a number of changes. The first and much awaited change is that of the UI. The update is expected to make the PS4 UI a lot cleaner than ever before. Sony will also be introducing various new tools for management. This will not only make the UI cleaner, but would also make managing it easier.

The PS4 UI, in the past, has been criticized for a cluttered look. However with the PS4 Software Update 4.00, things are expected to accelerate. Major changes are coming to the way we know the look and feel of the menus to be. The PS4 Software Update 4.00 is going to enable the users to load a menu on the side of the screen without having to move away from the game. This was a long overdue update and is quite surprising why Sony did not release it earlier.

The PS4 Library too, is expected to benefit from it. Newer sorting mechanisms are being introduced. These will help the users sort and search much easily than ever before. In addition to that, users can now create folders on the launch screen, which will help them organize their games and apps in a much better manner. In addition to all this, the ‘Whats New’ tab has also been updated. Sony is yet to announce a public launch date for the PS4 Software Update 4.00