Google’s much awaited app, Google Duo is finally here. The company introduced the twin apps of Allo and Duo during the Google I/O 2016. The company is expected to innovate and introduce more such features and apps in the days to follow. While the Allo and Duo were both announced back in May, no release date had been set for the smartphones. Google has finally released the Google Duo today. The app is a video calling app, and will help Google take on rivals such as Microsoft’s Skype. It is also Google’s take on Apple’s Facetime.

Google, with the Google Duo, is now looking at the markets of video calling. The company is specifically targeting one on one video calling. The app has been released for the iOS as well as the Android devices. What makes this app really spectacular is the simplicity that it offers.

Video calling apps of the past have had a lot of complexities. A number of options, features and buttons. However, with the Google Duo, all these problems are put to rest. It offers a ridiculously simple interface. Much of it can be operated with just a few taps. It literally takes one tap to make a call!

The company also emphasizes on the fact that it is ‘fast’ as well as ‘reliable’. They have mentioned on the official Google Blog that the device connects call quickly, and does not drop as often. It automatically switches between Wi-Fi and data without dropping the call. Another major highlight of the device is a feature called ‘knock knock’.

Knock Knock allows the users to take a look at the live video of their caller before they pick up the call. It helps add a different charm to the regular and mundane world of video calling. In addition to that, Google also maintains that the app has been made keeping privacy in mind. All calls on Google Duo are end-to-end encrypted. The app has begun rollout today and would reach users worldwide in the next few days.