Samsung – a name which has proven its dominance in the markets of technology across various spectrums. Be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even smartwatches. The company constantly surprises the markets from time to time. Samsung, over the past several years, has managed to bring forward a large number of innovations. Their next big move comes at the IFA 2016, where they release their latest, third-generation smartwatch device, the Samsung Gear S3.

There have been a number of rumors which have been floating into the markets over this device. However Samsung has now put all the unwanted criticism to rest as they have made it near-official that the smartwatch is indeed coming out. The latest teaser for their event at the IFA 2016 showcases it clearly. The company has given out a hint similar to what they gave just before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

With a clear indication of what device to expect, there’s still a lot of mystery that surrounds this smartwatch. The Samsung Gear S3 is expected to be quite similar, yet quite different form the Samsung Gear S2 device. This new and improved, third generation smartwatch is expected to be larger than the predecessor. The Gear S3 is expected to be more than 1.2 inches in size. The device will also most likely be releasing with Samsung Pay integration.

Samsung is daring into the markets at a very competitive hour. While Google intends to release their Nexus-Branded smartwatches in the months to follow, immediate challenges too, rise. ASUS with their ZenWatch 3, and Motorola with their new-generation Moto 360 device are rearing head. The IFA 2016 is going to be an interesting battleground as Samsung and ASUS go head to head with their smartwatches. Lenovo too is expected to make major announcements regarding Motorola. Things are expected to get clearer in the days to follow.