Apple is among some of the biggest names when it comes to the markets of technology. The company, over the past several years, has brought forward not only innovations in design, but in the offerings too. The company has introduced a number of devices over the years, with the features and specs getting better with every passing year. Apple, in the weeks to follow, is all set to launch the iPhone 7. The company, in 2017, is anticipated to launch more devices. While the new Macbook Pro has been widely speculated, a new name gets added to the list today. Apple is now anticipated to launch a 10.5” iPad Pro device next year. They are also anticipated to release a 12.9” iPad Pro 2.

This report of a new iPad Pro coming out is based on Appleinsider’s claims. The website has claimed that their sources tip them a new iPad device is on its way next year. Another major device that the company is highly speculated to release is the 12.9” iPad Pro 2. While none of the device have officially been announced, the markets are already abuzz with excitement. The devices are both expected to run on the A10 processor. A cost-effective 9.7 inched model, too is being rumored.

Apple has been having a rough couple of quarters. In a global slowdown, Apple too has suffered. The company is still doing well in some European markets, but otherwise it has been a disappointing run for Apple so far. The tech giant is now expected to be working on a comeback strategy with the new iPhone about to launch. Apple is also soon expected to launch their gen-next Apple Watch. With the new info on the iPad Pro devices coming in, 2017 looks an even bigger year for Apple. At the moment, one must take it with a pinch of salt. The picture will get clearer with the passing days.