Microsoft’s XBOX is among the biggest names when it comes to the world of gaming. The company has been coming out with a large number of innovations for the device. Over the last few months, the company has been working really hard. It has reflected in their market performance too. The XBOX One has managed to beat the PS4 sales in Europe in July. In addition to that, the company has now flagged off their latest device – the XBOX One S. Things are beginning to look interesting for Microsoft’s gaming division now. The company today announced XBOX Wireless – another step forward towards merging the PC and the Console.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer had been talking about it since quite a while. The XBOX Console and the Windows 10 PC were expected to work together. In the one year since the release of the Windows 10 OS, things are indeed looking better. With the XBOX Wireless, another leap has been taken in that direction.

With the help of XBOX Wireless, a single set of peripherals can be used between the XBOX one and the PC. For those PCs that do not come with built-in support for this service, an adapter will soon be made available. It also works towards the XBOX Play anywhere program, where XBOX gaming becomes platform independent. Users might be using a tablet, but their peripherals would still work with it!

This opens the doors for a number of possibilities. In the past, it was heard that Sony had commented about the PlayStation as a �?service’. Microsoft too, seems to be working on similar lines now. The company is slowly breaking down the barriers that platforms create.  Microsoft indeed has big plans in mind, and with the XBOX Wireless now out, things look like they’re going to take a major leap over the next few years.