The Windows 10 Anniversary Update was among some of the most anticipated updates in recent times. Following the arrival of the Windows 10 OS, this is the biggest update to release. There have been a number of changes which have been brought forward since the arrival of the update. However, there also happen to be a few drawbacks. One of the biggest problems is that millions of webcams across the planet are not functioning.

Following the Windows 10 Anniversary update, (version 1607), a large number of apps are unable to support webcam on Windows 10 OS. This includes Microsoft’s own messaging app, Skype. Various custom CCTV programs too, have been hit by this. This issue came to light since the day the update rolled out. However, the exact problem that was causing this was identified last week. This problem has been common with USB Cameras, as well as network connected cameras.

In the past, the apps used to connect directly to the cameras. However, following the Windows 10 Anniversary update, a system service called the Windows Camera Frame Server connects to the data streams from the webcams. This was actually introduced for the fact that in the past, only one app can use the camera at a time. This could now allow multiple apps to access the camera via the service. This is basically meant to enhance the service for the Windows Hello users.

Microsoft has officially commented on the matter saying that the design of the frame server is the problem. The company is now working on fixing it, and the update will soon be out. For those users looking for a quick fix, Rafael Rivera, a contributor at Thurrott has a solution:

Users need to open the registry editor, navigate to - HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform, add DWORD “EnableFrameServerMode” and set to 0.

This should ideally resolve all problems related to the Windows 10 anniversary Update  webcamgate issue.