Back in May, Google announced the arrival of Allo and Duo. These apps were going to change messaging as we know it to be. However, the company, since that announcement at the Google I/O 2016, did not drop any hints. Duo released into the markets a few days ago. The app has captured the imagination of many users owing to its simplicity of design and ease of calling. Based on further reports, Duo is soon going to get audio-calling support too. The company is soon about to release Google Allo.

With this app, Google plans to take on many messaging applications such as WhatsApp. While they take on Skype with Hangouts and Duo, they are now setting sight on WhatsApp. The company is currently developing the app, and leaked screenshots have shown it to be quite similar to WhatsApp. Google Allo is expected to come out with one major feature that has been missing in previous chat apps from Google. The ability to delete a message from a conversation!

It is surprising how Google has never had this option for decades. Back in the days of Google Talk, till as recent as Google Hangouts, the users cannot delete a single line of message. They can however, delete the entire conversation. Fortunately, with the Google Allo, things have changed. At the moment, users can delete one message at a time. However it is expected that they will soon be able to delete multiple messages by the time of the public launch.

This is quite a simple feature which has been a part of nearly every other IM application. Google, with the Google Allo, wants to leave no stones unturned. However, one must keep in mind that deleting a message from a conversation deletes it in the sender’s chat, not in the receiver’s chat.